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Welcome to Wealth-Lab.comTM, the first interactive trading system development laboratory on the web.  Develop and back test your own stock market trading systems, and explore the systems contributed by other members.  We rank all submitted trading systems monthly, so you see which strategies are working best in the current market conditions.  Click here to learn more ...

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Wealth-Lab News (History)

ChartScript Rankings for the 1400-bar period ending 5/25/2012 are complete!  Click here for more information.  (5/31/2012) has been renovated!  To register accounts created on this site prior to 22 June 2008 on the new, log in with your existing username and password. We'll send you an key to activate your account on the new site.  (6/28/2008)


Click for Top 25 by WL Score
Click for Top 25 by APR has been renovated!

On 22 June 2008, we completely renovated and upgraded server hardware . While we'll continue to add content and features throughout the year, initially the new site will host the Wealth-Lab Support Portal and three main forums:
  • Wealth-Lab .NET
  • Wealth-Lab 4 
  • User Forums

The new .NET forum will intuitively cater to Version 5 users.  The current active forum content was moved to the Wealth-Lab 4 and User Forums.  While discussions will continue on the new site, you can continue to review the historic content here at


Change for Version 4 "Download ChartScripts"

To continue using the Community >> Download ChartScripts action for Wealth-Lab Pro/Developer Version 4 and prior, just make a one-time edit to the DownloadServers.txt file located in the main installation directory. Open DownloadServers.txt and change to Restart Wealth-Lab and you’ll be off and running! 

Wealth-Lab Developer and Wealth-Lab Pro

Build 4 is available

Are you serious about trading system development and back testing?  Then you need Wealth-Lab Pro / Wealth-Lab Developer!

US and Canadian residents - click here to learn more about Wealth-Lab Pro from Fidelity Investments. WL-Pro includes seamless, streaming real time and end-of-day data provided free of charge from Fidelity (other external data providers are still supported) as well as extraordinary automated trading execution exclusive with Fidelity (for active trader clients only).
Non-US and Canadian residents - click here to learn more about Wealth-Lab Developer.  This version does not include the automated trading feature, and users need to sign up with a data provider of their choice.

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Join our 42,953 members sharing technical trading ideas and techniques.

Create your own interactive charts with a great selection of technical indicators.

Program your own complete trading systems with our WealthScript scripting language.  Backtest your strategies on any stock that you wish.

Practice your trading with a virtual trading account.  You start with $100,000, and can place Market, Limit and Stop orders.


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